Selcom Group

Selcom is a global, highly-developed EMS company that designs, tests and manufactures electronic and mechanical customized products.

The company was founded in 1979 in Bologna. It grew rapidly and established long-term partnerships with customers that are worldwide leaders in the packaging industry and, subsequently, in several other areas (Aerospace & Defence, Consumer & Mobile, Communications, Computer, Medical, Automotive, Control & Industrial, etc.), putting together a rich knowledge of cross-functional skills: internally with the various human resources involved in the production process and externally in customer relationships.

Between 2002 and 2005, Selcom purchased other EMS companies (Selital, Procond Elettronica, Fitelec - Tunisia) and opened a new factory in Shanghai, China. It now ranks among the “TOP TEN” EMS Companies in Europe.

Selcom's entrepreneurial line to excel in innovative design, offering cutting-edge manufacturing processes, has allowed the Group to achieve the most prestigious quality certifications.

The perspective of considering our suppliers as an integral part of the company has created and established an effective and comprehensive supply chain. Selcom Group puts this important and valuable resource at the service of its customers, of various sizes, both in nearby and faraway regions.
With its supply chain, Selcom Group can offer very advantageous scale economies as well as operational speed and efficiency.

Selcom Group draws vitality from the innovation of its products and services, useful to people in everyday objects, often invisibly.


We are Innovative Inside.